This unique, 3-day college audition workshop will be held Aug 23-25, Friday through Sunday, at Convergence in Alexandria, VA

This event truly has something for everyone: we've created 3 different tracks to meet all levels of educational and training interest in the 12 & 1/2 hours of this instructional workshop!

Track #1

There are a limited number of slots available for the masterclass participants. These participants are singing actors who plan to audition for undergrad OR graduate music theatre programs;

Track #2

There is an auditor track for high-schoolers to attend the entire workshop. We are encouraging our entire studios to attend as auditors, and please make sure your students are aware of this fantastic opportunity to learn & grow themselves by watching their peers perform in masterclass settings!

Track #3

Fellow teachers, we have created an opportunity for ourselves--and other interested adults--to audit this entire event! Any interested adult who wishes to do so can register and attend this amazing continuing-ed event in our own backyard!  Since we ourselves would love to see even more continuing-ed opportunities available locally for voice teachers in the DMV, we're creating these opportunities so that we, too, can grow professionally through participating in workshops such as Tracey's.

Here are a few of the many topics Dr. Brent-Chessum will cover during the workshop:
  • how to make the most of your pre-screens;
  • narrowing down your list of schools;
  • audition do's and don'ts (our clinician sees over 1200 auditions every year);
  • proven tips & techniques from a prof at a top-10 music theatre program;
  • focusing on your body as an instrument to beat the audition & performance nerves;
  • beating the audition & performance nerves;
  • taking your storytelling to the next level through dance, acting, & singing;
  • working with your collaborative pianist (live pianists will work with all masterclass participants throughout the weekend);
  • managing live versus pre-recorded audition accompaniments;
  • creating a memorable story arc using your 2 cuts and a monologue;
  • using improv as a tool in practice, rehearsal, & performance;
  • plus much, much more!
This workshop will conclude with a typical college-MT program admission "mock" audition structured like many college MT programs do their auditions, plus Tracey's immediate, constructive feedback for each participant on their program-admission journey.


Again, there are several different ways to be a part of this amazing event (don't miss out on the Early Bird pricing up through July 31st!)

  1. you can sign up to be one of the masterclass participants Dr. Brent-Chessum works with publicly throughout the weekend! Enrollment space is limited, so if you're a singing actor, register ASAP using the form below. Please note: Tracey welcomes working with singing actors of a variety of ages and experience levels, from high school to post-college. Rates are $285 through July 31st; $325 as of August 1st and later;
  2. if you are a high-schooler, you can also register to be an auditor (observer) for the weekend at the special rate of $50 up through July 31st: $75 as of August 1st & later;
  3. you can also register as a teacher, parent, or other adult to audit the weekend for the special rate of $75 up through July 31st; $95 for August 1st & later. PLEASE NOTE: all masterclass participants--Track 1--can have up to 2 people of any age signed up as their guests to attend any/all portions of the weekend. Many MC participants may wish to choose parents, but they are also welcome to use those slot(s) for anyone they wish.

1801 N Quaker Ln, Alexandria, VA 22302

You can park in the Convergence church parking lot (located behind the church).

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